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Guiding you and your family to intimidation free dining options.

Family Safe Eats will guide you to safe places to dine and enjoy family time without political or physical intimidation.

This site is designed to help you find a “Family Safe Restaurant” where you and your family will not be harassed or bullied like:

Ted Cruz And Wife Chased Out Of DC Restaurant


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What makes a business safe?

To qualify as a Family Safe Eats business, a commitment must be made to not allow intimidation in any form. All off us have family and friends and none of us want to see them hurt. First, can we all agree on that? Individuals have a right to free speech and can protest anything they choose. They do not have the right to protest inside a private business and intimidate a business’s customers. Protestors inside a business are trespassing and should be removed by law enforcement. It is that simple. Every person has the right to enjoy meals with their families in peace and it is our hope that this site makes that a reality.

Business owners are often intimidated by political groups. This is now spilling over onto the customers themselves. Boycotts and physical intimidation are now being used almost daily as weapons to silence people’s political views. Boycotts are fine if you choose to boycott. You do not have the right to block or prevent others from entering or dining in an establishment. All sides are guilty of taking politics too far. This is not how the United States was designed to work. Every person is entitled to have their own political views and there are appropriate forums to express them. Dining rooms in restaurants and violent protests are not these. Intimidation must end today. It is time for the silent majority of Americans who want our families and friends to dine without intimidation to raise our voices and be heard. You do have a choice where to eat and which businesses to patronize. Reward those businesses that stand up for your right to eat in peace

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